Videographer and Media Craftsman

I am a freelance, digital media specialist, working in video, photography, graphic design, copywriting, music composing and WordPress development.

I also do consulting, in business processes and information technology my major professional expertise, but those aren’t anymore, the main core of my present life project.


I graduated in management and worked for 30 years as software programmer, business analyst, business process architect and ISO 9001 internal auditor, in the former national Portuguese telecom company.  At 52 years old, I left the company, to embrace my passion in videography, historic intangible heritage, arts, and storytelling, away from the corporate frenzy atmosphere from Lisbon, in the pursuing of a more quiet, ecological, and balanced life, returning to my roots in my hometown, 100 kms north, from portuguese capital.

Community volunteer work

I’m a volunteer in a non-profit organization in my hometown, where among others I do research in local culture, history, and I produce video, photography, and digital mashups (web sites), for preserving our local community identity and intangible cultural heritage.

I do activism in ecology, sustainability, and do volunteer in actions of “technology evangelization” to anyone who wants to, especially young students, that are looking for career guidance in technology and business.

If your business has a story and a soul that you want to share with the world, please contact me

I consider myself a media craftsman, because I am passionate for digging and harvesting the business history, to capture the intangible heritage elements and the missing historic links, that tell the company story and show its real soul. My work tries to get away from tech mainstream aesthetics and narratives and build genuine and engaging digital media content, that can help organizations to better communicate with their customers and audiences.




+351 96 910 54 97

Latest video/work

Short Film, ‘One day in the life of our Port Harvest Tours’
The initial requirements from the costumer Portuguese Wine Tours from USA, were aiming to produce digital content in the form of short videos, that fully could show the essence and soul from the tours that they organise with their customers, while visit the Douro Region, for wine tasting and several other tourist activities and local unique experiences, in which they engage while on tour.

All ground video shots were recorded with a mobile phone for authenticity reasons and aesthetic, and the aerial shots made with DJI drones.

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